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* Direct touch operation for FT-APC-1, special IMD touch panel for FT-APC-1

* Three filters: Pre-filter, High efficient HEPA and Activate Carbon. Pre-filter can intercept the hair, dander and other large particle pollution. High efficient HEPA can remove tiny inhalable particle pollution, including the PM2.5. Activate Carbon can filter different noxious gas and odor including formaldehyde.

* Odor sensor, LED indicator light can tell air quality.

* Light sensor: Under auto mode, when light dimmed, the machine turns into sleep mode automatically.

* Sleeping mode: Running in a very slow speed almost without noise.

* Negative ion.

* Three steps of speed would be high, low, silent.

* Auto mode: Air quality sensor monitor the air condition in real time. According to air quality, adjust the speed automatically for the energy efficiency and environmental protection.

* Timer function.

* Filter replacement indicator.

* Child lock.

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